• Name: Aaron "Stalking Night" Ryoushi
  • Ex-Guild: Legion
  • Occupation: Independent Mercenary
  • Weapon: Firearms, preferably rifles
  • Element: Darkness

(Created by KenshoYama on YouTube)

Aaron is an Independent Mercenary who takes whatever job that comes his way in order to fill his stomach. Although he was previously enrolled in Legion, little is known about him due to the immense number of members. He is usually over-cautious and rarely trusts anyone, which eventually forced him to leave Legion.


Growing up in the dangerous city streets, Aaron managed to gain titles of recognition through countless fights and learning the ropes of survival. Due to these shortcomings, Aaron was egotistic, vulgar, and often crude. After failing the mercenary graduation multiple times, he finally became a novice rank in the vast guild known as Legion. Although he maintained his rude behavior and naive sight of life, he managed to pass the Mercenary Training Course. Following a traumatizing episode during a mercenary job, Aaron went into a state of comatose. When he woke up, his former immature attitude had disappeared, being replaced with a reclusive silence. On his 23rd birthday, he left Legion, driven by his growing lack of trust in others.

After that incident Aaron had extinguished every evidence of his former past, never wanting to face it again. Today he continues to be an independent mercenary, accepting jobs from whoever can pay the right amount, and never letting his guard down.


Aaron can defend himself in close quarters, using a variety of martial arts such as Jiu-jutsu and Krav Maga, though he rarely uses them. Ryoushi is a skilled gunman, and can create unique bullets by infusing them with his Shadow element:

"Noir Tag" Bullet: A unique bullet with a tip infused with aqueous shadow material. Aaron can shoot this bullet into his target's shadow, sticking onto the shadow which can inform Aaron of the target's location, thus giving him the nickname

"Stalking Night": Highly useful in capturing mobile targets.

"Dusk Blow" Bullet: A non-lethal bullet infused with soft shadow material, which can be used to knock out or immobilize targets.

"Black Snare" Bullet: A non-lethal bullet infused with soft shadow material. Once it hits it's target, a web of wire-like shadows explode from the tip, immediately coiling and immobilizing the target. Useful against agile enemies

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