Adam by Peterpanchan18

  • Name: Adam Cavatta
  • Occupation: Mercenary
  • Guild: Sovereign, Master of Technique
  • Weapon: Bow
  • Element: Wind
  • Family: Laura Cavatta (twin sister)

Adam is a bowman of Sovereign. Of the three masters, he is known to be the most strict and sometimes a little too blunt, but he is fair. His twin sister is Laura.


ShootF 1
He and Laura were left at an orphanage as babies. Later, Adam was adopted by aspiring parents and lived in a moderately-paid household for the rest of his childhood. He took up archery and became a skilled bowman. When he became an adult, he moved out and sought out his sister, where he joined her in the guild Sovereign.

Adam first met Shelly at a party at the Royal Palace. Shannon had invited Kyle, Laura, and Adam to attend because of her influence as ex-Head Court Magician. During the party, Kyle and Adam were admiring the glass chandelier above the tabletops. Kyle bet Adam that he wouldn't be be able to reach it with an apple. Adam took him up on the offer and hit the chandelier right in its center with an apple. Unfortunately for him, the chandelier wasn't very sturdy. It fell and shattered onto the floor. The ballroom was silent for several moments until Shelly, the new Head Court Magician, burst into laughter. The rest of the party guests followed suit, and Adam was left off the hook. Shelly and Adam have been dating since then.

Season Two


Heartbroken from the loss of his beloved, Shelly, Adam was never the same. He remained in Sovereign, loyally fulfilling his duties under Laura, his sister, as the guild leader.


Tornado: A mini-whirlwind is summoned, which releases arrows in all directions.

Windstorm: A volley of wind energy-enthused arrows fall from the sky.

Wind Dance: Adam is able to use wind to move quickly from one place to another at the cost of high energy consumption.





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