• Name: Archie Tala
  • Occupation: Mercenary
  • Guild: Legion
  • Weapon: Circle-Winded Staff
  • Element: Light (yellow)
Character created by ritticules on YT

Archie a calm, cool and collected Mage of Legion. She is very mature, but doesn't take everything too seriously. She is soft-spoken, but she likes to communicate with others. Archie is very charismatic and always has this welcoming aura around her. She has a heart of gold, but can be intimating when she is annoyed. She is very loyal and protective of the guild and its members. Many look up to her as an idol, but Archie doesn't let the attention get to her. She is claustrophobic in tight, closed off, and dark areas.


Archie comes from a family of farmers. During her childhood, she had always grew up with the Earth. During a time where Archie accidentally wandered away from her farm house, she was able to make it back home after wishing on a shooting star to return home. Since then, she had always been interested in the stars and without any surprise, her natural element was light. She became claustrophobic after a Mage of a darkness element, which was her neighbor, decided to bully her by trapping her in a cage of pure darkness. After being constantly harrassed by her, she resolved to become a Mercenary to learn how to protect herself.


Archie's signature ability is her ability to manipulate her element of light as if they are stars. Ironically, she is more comfortable fighting during night time where the stars are out. Her most common attack is using light as "shooting stars". While wielding her staff, she is able to make light fall from the skies and create craters depending on the size of the star. Her other ability is to use light as a sort of coating which outlines her body in a yellow glow. It slightly enhances her speed in reference to speed of light, however, she isn't that much faster.

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