Belle by KittyKandi

  • Name: Belle Debeule
  • Occupation: Mercenary
  • Guild: Ascendant
  • Weapon: Brawler knuckle
  • Element: Water
  • Family: n/a

Belle is a seemingly sadistic brawler of Ascendant. She has a cute exterior, but an inner core of twisted thoughts.

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She entered Ascendant alongside Oscar, a skilled bowman. They are forced to train together as they are the only two novices in Ascendant. Oscar is often annoyed by her.


Belle is first introduced in Season 1 Episode 3, The Guild Leader, along with Oscar . She makes a casual remark about her desire to indulge in schadenfreude involving Melissa , and her malicious intent to do this in order to become the 'best mercenary in the world' may quite be overshadowed by her charming finesse. She is, to a certain extent, endearing and very keen with her goals, as well as admiring of Melissa's prowess in battle.

Belle tends to irritate Oscar when she is bored as the two are indefinitely wedged together.

Her and Oscar tend to skip lessons, although Daphne stated that the leader of Ascendant didn't care about their school attendance as long as they passed their exams.

Belle has a persona similar to that of Jack's, although the posterior is empathetic and kindhearted whilst the former is vicious and cruel.

Belle, Season 2

Belle, Season 2

Belle came from a large, poor family that illicited crude behavior. Despite the lack of affection, her parents brought her up to be a hard-headed, stubborn individual who could fend for herself. During the Great War when there was little food to eat, she often wandered near the walls of the Royal Orchard, where a few of the apple tree branches peaked over the wall. Desperate and hungry, she would throw rocks in an attempt to knock down one of the juicy apples. One day Oscar sees her frustratingly throwing rocks at the branches. Without a word, he picks up a sturdy rock and easily knocks off one of the fuller apples, which he effortlessly catches. He holds out the apple to Belle, who takes it without question. From that day on, the two became "friends."


Fury: A ferocious attack with her claws that drawns water energy in the form of a bear.

Combo Step: A sudden burst of water energy that allows her to dash step to the side.


Oscar: The two are always seen together, as the two of them were the only novices of Ascendant. They had met previously before when Oscar knocked down an apple with a stone for Belle near the Royal Orchard, but this previous relationship did not take any part in their decisions to attend Ascendant. Belle is shown to irritate Oscar with her annoying outward personality and sadistic ways, but he tolerates it and even is sometimes shown to genuinely care for her well-being. Whether or not Belle reciprocates those feelings is unknown.


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