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Season One (Sovereign Trio Arc)

  1. A Boy's Determination
  2. It's About Freedom
  3. The Guild Leader
  4. Out of Your Comfort Zone
  5. Back to the Streets
  6. Everything is Not What it Seems
  7. What, Emergency?!
  8. This is My Chance!
  9. Prelude to Forever

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EXTRA: 5.5. Jack's Story

Season Two (Summoning Arc)

  1. Sangilak, the Great Ice Warrior
  2. The Dark Ages
  3. Why Do You Fight?
  4. Found Guilty
  5. The Great Mercenary City
  6. Summonings Strike Again
  7. Those That Died to Protect Us
  8. No Mercenary Left Behind
  9. The Blood Pact

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