Daphne by xswthoney

  • Name: Daphne Righetti
  • Occupation: Mercenary
  • Previous Occupation: Professional Thief
  • Guild: Ascendant , Master of Technique
  • Weapon: Claw, smoke bombs, ninja stars
  • Element: Darkness
  • Family: n/a
Sprite Daphne

Daphne is power ambitious thief. She formed Ascendant with Steven.

Though a mercenary, Daphne exhibits an aura of sexiness through her sleek dress and mesmerizing eyes. She wears heavy black eyeliner and mascara to frame her violet eyes. Aside from her sultry appearance, she is a deadly assassin, able to sneak quickly and quietly in darkness.


Daphne grew up the Eastlands, in the barren, blazen deserts. She was the daughter of a roaming merchant, but she lived in the house with her mother. While her father spent weeks away from home, her mother had an affair with a member of a desert gang. Once, when he returned home, he found them together. In a panic, the gang member killed Daphne's father and fled.

Without the monetary backing from Daphne's father, she and her mother began to have trouble supporting themselves. Both of them joined a caravan of gypsies and danced for money, but her mother had trouble living with the guilt of her husband's death. When her mother died, Daphne left the caravan and ventured west, to the outskirts of the Dehlia capital and began a life of thievery and pickpocketing. It is there that she met Steven, who was also on his own.


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