Sovereign Timeline

This time was characterized by an era of many deaths. It was a time of assassins - contracted killers. Assassins were hired to eliminate certain politically powerful figures and soon it escalated into silent warfare. The nighttimes were filled with terror as everyone feared for their lives.

The end of the Dark Ages was brought about by authorities taking action. Hundreds of assassins and those thought guilty of murder were executed. The assassins gradually disappeared and the era of mercenaries began.

Known Assassins


  • Kill Count: 600+
  • Active: 3025-3033
  • Weapon: Dagger
  • Methods: Throat slit, electricution
  • Death: ??

The most famous assassin of the time, Demon made over 600 contracted killings. Demon was dressed all in black and channeled red lightning into his deadly dagger.


  • Kill Count: 97
  • Active: 3020-3024
  • Weapon: Claw
  • Methods: Mutilation
  • Death: 3035, Executed

Painted Lady

  • Kill Count: 157
  • Active: 3026-3033
  • Weapon: Sickle
  • Methods: Throat slit
  • Death: ??

The Painted Lady was one of the most famous female assassins of the time. She wore a mask of make-up and did her hair up in an oriental-style fashion. She used a sickle as her weapon of choice.

The Scar

  • Kill Count: 67
  • Active: 3023-3327
  • Weapon: Knife
  • Methods: Mutilation
  • Death: 3027, Executed


  • Kill Count: 223
  • Active: 3029-3034
  • Weapon: Dagger
  • Methods: Poison
  • Death: 3034, Executed
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