Kingdom of Dehlia

The Kingdom of Dehlia is the main setting for season one and two of the series Sovereign. It is home of the Royal Court, which refers to the nobility and court workers of Dehlia. The Dehlian royal symbol is a red and gold crown.

Dehlian History

The Dehlian Kingdom has been generally peaceful for the majority of history aside from the Dark Ages and the time of the summonings. The Royal Court are avid supporters of magical education and had encouraged alchemy research for many centuries until the summoning portal was sealed. The court itself leads a line of Court Magicians and a magic school within its palace.

In order to end the Dark Ages, the Royal Court finally took action and began the ruthless execution of hundreds of assassins. The Royal Court also played a role in the founding of mercenary guilds and the mercenary school.

Map of Dehlia

The capital of Dehlia's center is the Royal Palace. The city surrounds it in a typical social class fashion, in which the rich live closer to the palace walls and the peasantry live further away. To the east of the capital is the Lightwind River that flows south from the mountains in the north, beginning near the entrance of the Edelstein Mines. To the west lies the rougher areas of the kingdom, including the Terrace and location of the guild Jester. To the south of the capital is the mercenary school. Directly north of the capital is the wealthy town of Edelstein and the Sovereign guild.

The northern mountains of Dehlia are not very populated and generally avoided, but it is home to the guild Ascendant. The southern reaches of the the kingdom have two important landmarks: the Temples of Time in which the guild Seraph is located, and the massive castle Scarhelm, home to Legion.

Guilds of Dehlia

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