• Name: Eliza Lyden
  • Occupation: Mercenary
  • Character-Drawig

    Eliza Lyden by Anny

    Guild: Ascendant
  • Weapon: Whip, Fists
  • Element: Fire

Character created by sabereo on YT

Character Whip Profile

Eliza is a delinquent of Ascendant who uses her fist and whip, allowing her to be able to handle close range and far range combat. Often times she uses her brute strength and skills to harass those who get in her way. Eliza takes her work very seriously and isn't afraid to use any means to acomplish them. Although she is a very strict person, she does have a soft side.


Eliza, as a child, enjoyed reading and studying. She trained to be a peace keeper for the Royal Court but felt that the method they used, to bring justice, were too soft for her liking. Eliza left the peace keeper and grew up, as an independent mercenary. She took on many jobs alone but always got her job done with any means necessary. Often times, she was seen taking the law into her own hands, handing out her own type of punishment. Some of her punishment involved mercilessly beating a person to death, or just simply killing them if it seemed fit. Eliza finally settled down in Ascendant where she felt that the atmosphere in the guild was suitable for her taste. Although she prefers to work independently, Eliza does lend her hand to people who need it.


Eliza is a very agile person with the ability to control fire. She is capable of fighting with her fist but when close range combat starts to heat up, she takes use of her whip for far range combat. Being a master with the whip, she can control the flow of the whip and attack her enemies vital points even through slight openings.

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