Sovereign shiinsa

Sovereign from SHiiNSA

  • Season One: Sovereign Trio Arc
  • Episode 1: A Boy's Determination


In Episode 1, we are introduced to our three leading protagonists who will consistently make appearances throughout almost every episode in the series. They are Shaun, Winnie, and Michael three novices brought together by a very similar goal with very different purposes behind it. Their temperaments could not be any more different, yet they have found a way to coincide with each other as a team through Sovereign.

The episode starts off in Shaun's point of view as he fights in the Guild Audition Matches, Round 3. Shaun analyzses his opponent quickly a two-handed hammer wielding warrior and comes up with an estimated statistical number for his opponent's strength, speed and energy. He then scrutinizes the warrior for a weakness (his own weapon) and uses it against him by feigning being trapped in a corner and then conjuring up a patch of ice that the warrior undoubtedly slips on, to an extent where his hammer goes flying into the air and knocks him out. However, Shaun himself is knocked unconscious shortly after when another opponent attacks him while his guard was down.

The scene then cuts to a conversation Shaun and Winnie have after the match. The audience is introduced to Melissa , Shaun's apparent love interest.

Later, Laura, Shannon, and Adam are looking at the faces of the hopefuls and are trying to decide which they should recruit as Sovereign novices. They choose the 'girl with the rapier' and the brawler, but have some doubt over the ice magician. Kyle, Sovereign's guild leader, interrupts and willfully confirms their decision to admit Shaun.

That night, Shaun sits alone in his room reading the book Mercenaries of the Dark Ages. He ponders the fighting potency of Demon, the deadliest killer alive back then.

The next day, Shaun and Winnie walk together towards the bulletin where the names of the new recruits for Sovereign have been posted. Shaun tells Winnie he does not want any other guild because he wanted to prove his worth. Their conversation is disturbed when Michael congratulates them; and Shaun and Winnie hurry to the sign where their admission into Sovereign was posted for the world to see.

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