Season 1, Episode 2 Screencap

  • Season One: Sovereign Trio Arc
  • Episode 2: It's About Freedom


At the beginning of the episode, Shaun prepares to leave for Sovereign and bades farewell to his mother, Marianne, who sits in a dark corner of the room next to her wedding picture. She ultimately ignores him until she is prompted to accuse Shaun of ending up just like his father that is, dead, having fought for what he believed in. Shaun accentuates his desire to fight for what he believes in as well, until his mother acutely dismisses him. Although Shaun does not see it as Marianne's back is turned to him, the viewers witness Marianne spill tears in the knowledge that her son may very well be joining her husband soon in the grave.

Later that day we observe Michael, Shaun, and Winnie's arrival at Sovereign's grand mansion, where they are greeted warmly by the hospitable Guild Master, Laura. Laura explains to them the guild hierarchy, by which the five guilds Ascendant, Jester, Legion, Seraph and Sovereign must abide.

The camera then cuts to Melissa and her supervising connoisseur, Jack. Melissa is furious that he continues to assign her his kitchen duties instead of properly training her.

That evening, the novice trio walk back together after a brutal training session. Michael notices Melissa and points her out and Shaun proceeds to break away from the group to introduce himself. It is here where we are first introduced to the possibility that Winnie may have feelings for Shaun.

Melissa and Shaun have a short conversation, where Melissa affirms Shaun's decision to join Sovereign. She shows him the guild cape, which has a large golden dragon imprinted upon it. She states that it represents freedom, which she believes that that was what Sovereign was really all about. Their discussion is quickly interrupted by a vicious creature, and the two steel themselves to battle even though Melissa was weaponless.

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