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  • Season One: Sovereign Trio Arc
  • Episode 3: The Guild Leader


As Melissa and Shaun notice the desperate situation they were caught in, Shaun immediately comes up with a tactic for Melissa to regain possession of her staff. He implores her to trust him, and she gives in; Shaun then hastens to freeze the ground over (much similar to what he did in Episode 1.1) so that he could slip swiftly past the creature without danger and pass the fire magician her weapon.

The fight does not last long after that; Melissa gains the upper hand quickly in the battle and vanquishes the monster without much effort.

As the two head back to the guild, the scene cuts to two Ascendant members: Belle and Oscar, who had been secretly watching them. Belle deems Melissa an opponent worthy enough to fight and instantaneously sprouts her sadistic desire to rip her apart. Oscar, the calmer individual of the pair, derides her. The two are taken aback by the appearance of their guild leader, Steven, chastizing them about skipping school lessons again who turns out to be only another fellow guildmember (Samantha) in disguise, interested solely on playing pranks.

Shaun arrives back at the guild headquarters with Michael and Winnie awaiting. Their audience had been requested by Kyle, Sovereign's guild leader. Upon meeting the three newest members of his guild, Kyle personally welcomes them. He stresses the importance of Sovereign as a family, and then the three are dismissed.

Melissa goes to meet Jack privately, where he informs her of the burning of the orphanage in which she used to live. He hands her a small, unknown relic, telling her one of the workers there was insistent on her possession of it. Melissa and Jack then head to see Kyle, who had announced earlier that he had a mission for them.

Kyle's mission proved to Melissa as belittling, as it was simply a rescue task for a lost child in the Edelstein abandoned mines. Before the two head off, Kyle tells her to take care of herself: one of the first of the successive moments where we see Kyle's compassion as a guild leader shine through.

In the final cut of the episode, Daphne walks Belle and Oscar through what appears to be an underground sewer. Daphne points out that although the two had been skipping lessons, Steven did not care about their attendance as long as their performance on the final exam was halfway decent. Belle notices a mysterious light come from one of the sewage vents, but makes no note on it.

Steven makes his first true debut here, where unseen to Belle's wandering eyes, he kills a hired geneticist for failing to complete his nameless request.

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