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  • Season One: Sovereign Trio Arc
  • Episode 5: Back to the Streets


In this episode, Michael, Winnie and Shaun were given their first lesson in the art of energy manipulation. Each handed a small ball by Shannon, one of the Guild Masters, the three novices struggled to lift it by focusing their internal energy into the palm of their hands. Shaun accomplishes this with ease, although Winnie and Michael have much more difficulty doing it. The former is given a magic scroll to work off of while his two friends were given until nightfall to become as proficient as he in levitation.

Meanwhile, Jack stands near Melissa, asleep on the Sovereign hospital bed. Kyle enters not long after and becomes enraged at Jack's carelessness and irresponsibility, having allowed Melissa to get hurt. Shannon interrupts quickly and chases Kyle out, although Jack continues to remain by his apprentice's side.

Later that day, Shannon returns to the novices to witness their progression. Michael was only able to shift the energy ball slightly in his hand; Winnie could lift it, but hardly.

That night, Laura walks through a dark alley alone. It appears she had been hired by Steven, the guild leader of Ascendant, to complete a mission 'she alone could do'.

Laura's past is slowly revealed to us as the episode unfolds. She had used to be a fighting champ, going by the alias 'Fury' until she became a mercenary under Kyle's guidance.

While hesitating at first, Laura was eventually convinced to set out the deed -- a small delivery -- although it meant she would have to return to the Terrace, home of the streetfigher's infamous underground facility.

There, she meets with 'Gun', the current fighting champion. After a quick discussion, she hands him his parcel and prepares to leave -- until Gun suggest she return to the Terrace again some other time to 'show her what she's missing'.

As Laura returns to the Sovereign mansion, she finds Kyle there waiting for her at the stairwell. She loses her temper with him after he continuously stresses over her wellbeing. As she turns and walks away, Kyle wonders if it was wrong to protect those he cared about.

Laura experiences a flashback of her days as a streetfighter while she lies in her bed. She had been an orphaned rookie, stealing all the money from the bets until a group of thugs decided they were fed up with her and ambushed her. After being horrifically beat up, she was saved just in the nick of time by a mysterious stranger -- Kyle.

Gun, on the other hand, opens up his package to reveal a relic incredibly similar to the one Jack handed to Melissa a few episodes prior.

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