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  • Season One: Sovereign Trio Arc
  • Episode 7: What, Emergency?!


Michael, Shaun, and Winnie head towards their final mercenary test before the exam. They are interrupted when they spy a strange new female mercenary quickly take down Laura, who was supposed to be supervising their test. Shaun loses control and rushes in for full-frontal attack -- something he has never done before. However, he still managed to calm himself down enough to analyze the enemy and formulate a strategy.

Before the red-lightning wielding opponent could do any more damage, Kyle steps in and stops the fight. Adam also appears on the screen, to whom the supposed 'enemy' blushes and hugs. Laura stands back up, apparently unshaken and unhurt, and confesses to the three confused novices that their fight against the female mercenary was actually their melee test. Kyle introduces her as Shelly, a friend of his and Adam's, and expresses his pride in the novices' accomplishment.

Later that day, Laura hands out the mail. Winnie and Michael both receive letters, and the two are relieved and overjoyed. However, Shaun reads it as a sign that he is not trying hard enough, and takes it out on himself. He ventures deep into a forest and experiences vivid memories of his father and himself. Unknownst to him, Jack secretly watched from behind the dense foliage.

Winnie finds Shaun alone in the forest and is worried about him. Shaun denies that he is experiencing pain and anger and puts on a happy facade, telling her he was simply practicing his ice magic. The swordsman sees through his act and embraces him, demanding him to stop being so hard on himself.

Moved and empathetic, Jack hurries back to the Sovereign mansion to find out more about the ice-lightning magician and his past.

Back in the dark alleys, Gun holds out the relic that Steven sent him. The latter tells him where he first found it, and that it was produced from energy crystals imbued with souls of the dead. He is confident the two of them could help each other.The female summoned creature is brought back by Steven and is claimed to be a friend of Gun's. The two agree to trust Ascendant's leader, and Gun asks Steven what he has in mind.