• Name: Gun
  • Occupation: Streetfighter from the Terrace
  • Weapon: Fists
  • Element: n/a
  • Family: n/a

'Caged' Gun is a streetfighter champion from the Terrace. Not much is known about him in Season 1 as of yet, except that he has something that Steven wants and has a strange connection with a summoned being. He enjoys fighting.


Gun makes his first debut in Season 1 Episode 5 when Laura is sent to deliver him a package on Steven's orders. Inside the package was a relic similar to the one Jack gave to Melissa prior to their mission into the Edelstein abandoned mines (it may even be the same one). Gun seemed keen to possess it. This relic holds a relative amount of significance in Sovereign. According to Steven, it was produced from energy crystals imbued with souls from the dead.

The reason behind his name is unknown, although Gun made a snide remark about it when Laura revealed to him that she was a streetfighter turned mercenary. Gun's real name may be 'Keane', which was uttered by the strange creature in Season 1 Episode 7, although that might have been simply a weird noise she was making.

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