Heidi by PhoShizzlit

Heidi by ProShizzlit

  • Name: Heidi Verchoux
  • Occupation: Mercenary
  • Previous Occupation:Priestess
  • Guild: Seraph, Leader
  • Weapon: Magician
  • Element: Holy (blue)
  • Family: n/a
Sprite Heidi

Heidi is the founder and leader of Seraph, a guild that focuses on protective and defensive techniques. Its focus stems from the benevolence and peaceful leader, who was a priestess before founding Seraph. Heidi is caring, calm, and very sweet.

Heidi first met Zenith when he came to her church during the Dark Ages . He was there seeking refuge because he had no home. She welcomed him warmly and was very kind to him. Zenith never forgot her kindness and frequently returned to the church to see her.



Dispel: A cast that dispels harmful/negative effects.

Barrier: A magical barrier made of holy energy is summoned that absorbs most magical attacks.

Healing Stream: During fast paced battles, this technique is used because it allows for quick healing. A stream of holy healing energy emerges as a stream from the caster to the wounded.

Protect: This support spell gives a temporary boost in magic defense.


Zenith: She and Zenith have a close relationship. When Zenith escaped from the asylum, he ended up tired, homeless, and hungry at the church that Heidi was in. She helped nurse him back to health. They decided together that they wanted to form guilds.


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