• Name: Jaden
  • Occupation: Mercenary
  • Guild: Ex-Timeless
  • Weapon: Dual Knives
  • Element: Fire (Phoenix)
  • Family: n/a

Jaden is a brooding mercenary, once the Master of Technique in the guild Timeless, lead by Remy. He and Remy were said to be best buds, until one day, an argument lead to Remy expelling Jaden from Timeless. Whether or not he was actually expelled or he quit is uncertain. Overall, Jaden is an enigmatic character, not prone to emotional bouts.



Though fire is a common type of energy that people possess, Jaden commands it with amazing skill and prowess, almost as if the fire is alive. In fact, Dani mentions to him that his fire is... well, alive. That "it dances."


Remy: It is said that Jaden and Remy do not get along, despite having been previous close friends.

Dani: It is implied that he and Dani had a sexual relationship while he was in Timeless, but nothing more.