• Name: Kevin
  • Occupation: Independent Mercenary
  • Weapon: Claw, enchanted kunais
  • Element: Darkness
  • Family: Unknown
Character created by DarkReconz on YT

Kevin is an independent mercenary with the power to harness darkness. He relies on stealth when fighting and is proficient in both magic and combat. He suffers from amnesia and doesn't remember much about his past, the only thing he does remember is his first name. He trained by himself, but also got into fights with the gangs of the city, his eye scar is a testament to those fights. Kevin has harnessed enough dark energy that a normal human's mind would have become broken and corrupted by it, but Kevin is able to control himself and the darkness inside him. He also enchants his kunais with dark magic, making sure they never run out. Besides this, Kevin is quite calm but extremely stubborn, usually working alone in whatever he does and acts coldly towards others.


For a long time, Kevin lived on his own, often in the sewers or in the shadow of buildings. As a result, he's always been in the dark, but rather than fearing it, he embraced it. He soon found that he was a good fighter and had some skill with magic. He eventually enrolled in mercenary school and was almost kicked out right before graduation when he released too much of his power, almost killing his entire class. Upon graduating, he decided to become an independent mercenary, since he disliked working with others. As an independent mercenary, he boasts a large track record of completed jobs, all of them completed in the dark, as a result he earned the nickname "Shadow's Fury". No one knows why Kevin operates at in the shadows, except for himself. The reason is that he hates light, especially daylight.


Kevin is able to manipulate darkness to create structures and can release dark energy from any part of his body. Sometimes he shrouds his Kunais with the dark energy, making them "disappear" into the darkness. His output of dark energy can become extremely unstable sometimes, especially if he releases a large amount. This results in mass destruction in a large radius around him and renders him unconscious for a while, usually depending on how much energy he uses.

Dark Portal: Kevin can create a portal only he can use wherever it is dark, usually using a shadow to do so. He often uses the portals to get to places or as a way to sneak up on an enemy. He can also create multiple portals in a small area which he uses to attack enemies quickly from multiple angles.

Shadow Prison: Kevin creates a black dome around a group of enemies using their shadows. They are then deprived of their senses and end up fighting each other. He only uses this ability when faced with multiple enemies as the strength of the prison is determined by the amount of enemies present.