• Name: Kiran Sien
  • Occupation: Mercenary
  • Guild: Ascendant
  • Weapon: Dagger (defensive), throwing stars (main)
  • Element: Shadow
Kiran Sien
Character created by PaintMyRose on YT

As the youngest child of a family of independent mercenaries, Kiran is naturally independent, finding fighting with a partner rather difficult. Kiran's calm but quiet personality often leads others to believe she is an easy target. But only a few minutes into a battle, one will find that she is a deadly opponent, as she is accurate with her blows, difficult to catch, and has decent control over her abilities. However, because of her thin build, Kiran lacks both endurance and physical strength, and she has a great disadvantage when forced into close combat.

Unlike many of Ascendant's mercenaries, Kiran often shows mercy to those she engages in combat with. She has a kind heart, and will not intentionally harm an innocent person. However, she certainly won't hesitate to kill someone if she feels her life is at risk or if she is ordered to by her leader.


Kiran was born into a family of independent mercenaries, along with her two older brothers. She was ill at birth, smaller then thinner then most newborns. If her mother hadn't been a skilled priest, she certainly would have died. However, with the constant treatment from her mother, she managed to pull through.

As she grew older, her brothers often ignored her, as they were afraid their rough games would harm her. Kiran didn't mind, though, for she had begun observing her father while he trained on dummies. Her father eventually became aware of her constant presence, and took to training his daughter. At first she failed miserably, not used to the physical exercise. However, she quickly learned to pace herself, and she soon began to show great potential. She often trained by herself while her father was on missions, and she soon grew into a skilled thief.

Kiran's mother and father eventually retired, and her two older brothers ended up taking their place as independent mercenaries. Kiran chose a different path, though. She decided to apply for a guild- a first in her family. To her surprise, her parents actually supported her, and suggested she apply for Sovereign- a fairly new guild at the time. Kiran considered it for a long while, but in the end she applied for Ascendant. She preferred the fewer restrictions, and was unsure of her abilities and chances of getting into her parent's suggested guild.


  • Shadow Manipulation: Kiran has the ability to create beings from the shadows to aid her in battle. These beings, which are created from the actual shadows of objects and people, become solid and tangible, and are capable of engaging in combat. They can come in any shape or form- whether it be that of an animal, or a nearly identical copy of another human being. Like the shadows they are created from, they are solid black in coloration.