• Name: Kris Venin
  • Occupation: Mercenary
  • Guild: Jester
  • Weapon: Dual guns
  • Element: Poison

Character created by kerplowy on YT

Kris is your 'jester' of Jester. He likes to joke around, tell awful jokes, and doesn't like to take things so seriously. He dislikes it when situations become serious because "it kills the mood". Aside from his 'sense of humor', he is also enjoys the company of women. He tends to flirt for fun and sometimes, his sentence structure would always sound like he is hitting on someone. He is the type of person that likes to smile and laugh often. Due to his past, he respects members of Seraph the most.


Kris comes from a poor family. Growing up, his only shelter would be the sewers below. He would always be the guinea pig of his family and steal food from markets. However, one day, his entire had fallen ill after breathing in much of the toxic gas of the sewers. He begged various mercenaries to help him heal his family, however, none agreed. It was until he met a few members of Seraph that accepted his plea and managed to get his family healthy again. Seraph has also assisted his family in emerging out of the sewers and into a normal home. A connoisseur of Seraph has also talked him into becoming a mercenary due to his natural element of poison keeping him healthy from the toxins.


Kris is a master at wielding guns with either or both hands. His specialty is utilizes his poison element along with his marksmanship with bullets. He has many different types of poison-based bullets that have multiple kinds of effects. His most common use of poison is the use of toxic gas that gets released upon impact of the bullet. He also uses acid bullets that can eat away any kind of material. His kind of poison is very unique and a cure cannot be easily made. In addition, he is also immune to regular poison and can whip up poison antidotes. In fact, he can even eat substances that would normally be toxic to a non-poison element person. Reflecting on his membership at Jester, he is also quite fast and skilled at acrobatics as his reflex techniques. His common weakness is fire because they can incinerate most poisons.