Kingdom of LoireEdit

The kingdom of Loire lies to the west of Dehlia.

Loire HistoryEdit

Unlike the kingdom of Loire, mercenary guilds were established before the Dark Ages. Mercenary guilds do not operate under a Guild Council made up of the guild leaders, but rather a separate elected chamber and are completely independent of the royal crown of Loire.

Map of LoireEdit

Guilds of LoireEdit

Core Guilds


  • Nexus

Other Notable Guilds

  • Seven Roses
  • Silken Sword
  • Misten
  • Flex

Chamber of MercenariesEdit

The guilds of Loire operate independently, but must follow the rules and standards set forth by the Chamber of Mercenaries. Any disobedience of "mercenary law" is judged by the chamber. Chamber officials are elected by the leaders and masters of the guilds of Loire. There are six chamber officials in six different positions:

  1. Guild Diplomacy: In charge of diplomacy between the guilds of Loire.
  2. Political Affairs: All affairs with the crown/royal court
  3. Discipline: Conduct of all mercenaries
  4. Training and Instruction: Education/training of mercenaries
  5. Finances: Monetary transactions for mercenary jobs
  6. Historian: Knowledgable of mercenary history, keeps records
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