YouTube Career

Drew began animating in 2007 where he was inspired by several animators to animate himself using the popular editing software Sony Vegas 8.0. He was directly introduced to xPwahaha and her Khaini series, in which inspired him to create a series of his own, Broken Souls. His first initial launch of the series was a complete failure so he decided to improve his editing skills before working on major projects.

He created a handful of MMVs but gradually lost interest in MMVs. During his phases of disinterest he would try to pick up the series, Broken Souls , but was not motivated enough as he didn't see the point. He soon lost interest in MMVs altogether as he found them meaningless.

As he gradually lost interest in MMVs, the flashiness of his MMVs also followed the downward trend. They became more simplistic, as they became more simplistic he was able to focus more on details such as lighting, camera focus, color schemes, etc. A good example of this style would be his MMV One or Abandoned Umbrella. This is his current style.

In 2011, xPwahaha launched her series, Sovereign , it became a major hit. MapleTheory soon offered his services to the series as he wanted to contribute to something that was not meaningless. He now helps co-animate the series, and is a cinematic specialist for the series aswell. He also handles the graphic design areas of Sovereign.

Real Life

Outside of animating, Drew is an aspiring graphic artist. He plans to major in major in graphic design as well as film in college. He enjoys creating short films, videos, banners, posters, etc. He has recently created a short film that will be premiering at the high school he attends.

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