Sprite Natasha

Natasha is an independent mercenary that first appears in Season 2 of the Sovereign series. She claims to have once been a good friend of Kyle's. She is a user of water energy, which is a calming, graceful energy that improves the agility of her swordplay.


Natasha was an assassin of the Dark Ages, known as the Painted Lady, who fought with a sickle. She was also a lover and friend of Kyle, who had been under the guise of Demon at the time. When assassins were being hunted and hung or burned alive, she knew she had to flee the city. Natasha persuaded Kyle to come with her, but he refused. Not wanting to risk her life to stay with him, Natasha went out on her own.

Later, Natasha took up a sword and became an independent mercenary. She returns to Sovereign after the attack on the mercenary graduation ceremony to visit her old friend, Kyle. She becomes Winnie's sword instructor, in place of a connossieur.


Azure Heavens: An attack supported by water energy in which Natasha first performs a high jump and comes down with a sword plunge.

Sword Rain: Not a literal rain of swords, but a magic cast that summons a purifying rain that increases the power of both the caster and the caster's sword.

Dreaded Wave:


Kyle: The two had been lovers during the Dark Ages, as both were successful assassins.

Winnie: She is Winnie's sword instructor. She teaches Winnie swordplay and that her sword is her companion.

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