• Name: Octavian Christophere Decanting (Blue Blades)
  • Occupation: Mercenary
  • Guild: Legion
  • Weapon: 2-Handed Sword
  • Element: Earth

Character created by the0therpie on YouTube

Octavian has jet black hair and an unhealthy obsession with dressing in the color blue. He claims that a reason for wearing blue is to calm down his opponents and leaves them less energetic than if he wore red. Strangely enough, he enjoys eating strawberries instead of blueberries, saying it gives "variety to what would be otherwise a boring life". His most commonly used expression is "Man, this is depressing."


When Octavian was a young child living in Dehlia, a heavy rain flooded his village and drowned almost everyone but him, including his parents and younger sister. Separated from the survivors and alone, he was forced to wander the vast deserts and mountains of southern Dehlia. From his time wandering the desolate land, he slowly learned that only the strongest could survive. Octavian then taught himself to wield a basic blade in order to defend himself.

During his travels, he found a dead warrior in a cave and took the man's sword. Liking the weight it pressed into his hand, he immediately slayed the creatures around the area, and began his life-long passion as a sword hunter. Soon, he became well known around the area and his existence reached the ears of the guild Legion. The leaders of Legion sent a messenger to recruit him.


Octavian can wield his massive blade with enough speed and proficiency to fend off most opponents he faces, even users of one handed swords, and to a point, dagger users. When he has the downside in speed, he has the ability to summon two stone coffins, each releasing a perfect clone of Octavian, each taking up a portion of his stamina, to fight alongside of him; although without blades. Without his blade, Octavian is still a formidable hand to hand fighter and his speed is drastically increases without it. When traveling, he stores his sword in one of his stone coffins and can summon it in an instant if needed. Octavian hates planning strategies when fighting an opponent since he has a tendency to jump to a worst case scenario right off the bat. Despite this drawback, he is a brilliant tactician who reluctantly led quite a few of Legions successful sieges on heavily fortified castles.