• Name: Remy Aella
  • Occupation: Mercenary
  • Guild: Timeless
  • Weapon: Dagger
  • Element: Blood (Dragon)
  • Family: Tristan Aella (twin brother)


Remy is the leader and founder of the guild Timeless. His twin brother Tristan is the leader and founder of the guild, Perpetual. Though his methods are unconventional, Tristan never fails to see the good in Remy. Remy's energy is unusual in that he uses blood energy, a very rare element.



Sacrifice: When Remy is wounded, at the cost of a large amount of his own blood, he casts a deadly elemental attack deemed "Sacrifice" in which blood energy arises from him and is expelled in a frenzy.

Blood Absorption: When the enemy's blood gets on Remy, he absorbs its energy to increase his defense.

Stages of Rage: As a user of blood energy, Remy is to cast "blood rage," in which his stats are increased significantly at the cost of his health.

Bloodthirst - 1st stage that can be activated through a simple cut. Many times, Remy slices his own hand. He gains increased strength, agility, and criticals.

Bloodlust - 2nd stage that is activated by an increased amount of blood.

Bloodbath - Final stage activated through a severe injury or a large amount of Remy's blood. Results in over 300% increased strength, critical, and agility.

Punishment: A high energy elemental attack.

Rupture: An intermediate energy elemental attack.