• Name: Azura "Sapphire" Lindis
  • Ex-Occupation: Independent Mercenary
  • Occupation: Mercenary
  • Guild: Sapphire
  • Weapon: Dual Swordsman
  • Element: Water
  • Family: n/a


Previously an independent mercenary, Azura, nicknamed "Sapphire," decided to form her own guild, Sapphire. She is famously known for her ocean-blue eyes,soft, white hair, and graceful dual sword-weilding abilities that she combines with water elements so that she moves quickly and is untouchable to her enemies.


Azura's mother was a water nymph and her father was a human sailor. Her beautiful white hair and bright blue eyes, as well as her graceful acrobatic abilities, are characteristic of her mother. Unfortunately, because she is a hybrid of human/nymph, she was born with a blood disease that decreased the efficiency that her hemoglobin could pick up oxygen. As a result, she could not do strenuous work or exercise because she would become short of breath very quickly.

The family lived on the beach near the ocean, where both her parents could enjoy the water. Often times Azura would sneak away from the house in the dark and climb the large rocks near the shore of the ocean and dance in the light of the moon. One night, a soldier discovered her and watched in awe. Azura saw him and, terrified, began to run. He caught her, and the two soon fell in love.

Soon the soldier was sent off to a campaign. Azura begged him not to leave, but he promised he would return. He did not, however; he was killed in battle. Azura was devastated. Since then, instead of dancing at night, she began to practice swordplay. She picked up the two lightest swords from her father's weaponry and self-trained every night.

She was denied admission to the knights by Lady Wendy, head of the knights at the time because of her inexperience and her health problems. Determined to fight, Azura became an independent mercenary, and traveled the lands of Loire under the name "Sapphire" until she decided to form her own guild.


Soothe: Specializing in water energy control, Sapphire is able to cast a "soothe" spell that produces a calming effect onto her enemies or allies.

Release: A special water technique that induces the freeing of blocked energy channels in the body, allowing energy to be more versatile and unhindered.

Acrobatic Talents: Sapphire excels in her flexibility and graceful moments when she fights which she attributes to the water element and water energy.

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