Hello to my fabulous writers,

Thank you all so much for helping me out! I'm not much of a writer (actually I'm a terrible writer), and I don't have enough time on my hands to do this all on my own, so you guys are a great help.

If you ever need to talk/write a message, just add a "reply to topic" to this thread.

Basically, you guys don't need to MAKE any pages. I'll be creating the pages (episodes are exceptions). You just have to edit them! Anywhere you see something is lacking, go ahead and write stuff to fill it in. If you noticed that I only wrote a short paragraph that sucks, then go ahead and write something better, LOL. I will keep a list here of things that need to be written/updated. If you complete it, just put a strikethrough through it and your name. (You can write your name BEFORE you finish so you don't end up writing the same one as someone else.)

Whenever you finish editing a page, please add an update to the list below. There is an example for you.

When you are writing a page, please add in links to other Wiki pages when you can (like in all wikias), like to other characters, guild names, etc.

Thanks, Shelly

****Character pages are the number one priority. For an example character page, see Shannon. Please feel free to use SCREENCAPS of episodes as pictures.

To Do List Edit

Characters Episodes Other


Season 1, Episode 1-Aiqur Ascendant


Season 1, Episode 2-Aiqur Jester


Season 1, Episode 3-Aiqur Legion


Season 1, Episode 4-Aiqur Seraph


Season 1, Episode 5-Aiqur Sovereign

Season 1, Episode 6-Aiqur
Season 1, Episode 7-Aiqur
Season 1, Episode 8-Aiqur

"Creative" To Do ListEdit

This list is for pages that you can create your own stories for that aren't shown in the series! If I really like whatever you've written, I might even animate it~

  • Daphne - needs backstory/biography
  • Wayne - needs backstory/biography

Update ListEdit

  • "Shannon" -ShellysDesk
  • "Winnie" -Aiqur
  • "Michael" -Aiqur
  • "Melissa" -Aiqur
  • "Belle" -Aiqur
  • "Samantha" -Aiqur
  • "Steven" -Aiqur
  • "Shaun" -Aiqur
  • "Gun" -Aiqur
  • "Laura" -Aiqur
  • "Season 1, Episode 1" -Aiqur
  • "Oscar" -Aiqur
  • "Season 1, Episode 2" -Aiqur
  • "Season 1, Episode 3" -Aiqur
  • "Season 1 Episode 4" -Aiqur
  • "Season 1 Episode 5" -Aiqur
  • "Season 1 Episode 6" -Aiqur
  • "Season 1 Episode 7" -Aiqur
  • "Season 1 Episode 8" -Aiqur
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