S1, Ep5 screencap of Laura walkiing in the Terrace's arena

The Terrace is a massive underground fighting arena for streetfighters. Tons of spectators and streetfighters come to the Terrace to fight, place bets, and watch fights. The Terrace is supported by the entrance fees and betting money.

Streetfighters come from all around the country to participate in the arena battles in the Terrace. They usually use an alias instead of their real names. Many fighters earn a living fighting in the arena.

Though lucrative, the Terrace is a rough place. Many bars and clubs populate the scene. The arenas are fairly dirty and smokey. The higher-ups that operate the place are known to hire thugs and bodyguards.


  • "Gun "
  • Korin (Ex-fighter), a.k.a. "Kairi"
  • Laura (Ex-fighter), a.k.a. "Fury"
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